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Akshaya's Multan mitti soap 100gms

60% of 100 Akshaya's Multan mitti soap 100gms
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For thousands of years, till modern cosmetics took over, Multani mitti worked as a natural cleanser and astringent. It cleans the skin while maintaining the natural balance of skin oils. Oily skin has very active sebaceous glands that secrete more oil. Such greasy skin attracts a lot of dirt, which clogs the skin pores. This type of skin needs a thorough cleansing routine to remove the surface grime and unclog the blocked pores. For this you need a soap that rejuvenates, tightens and exfoliates skin. Akshayas multani mitti soap acts as a solution to remove the dead skin and also ensures the skin to be fair and revitalized. Ingredients :- Vegetable soap base, panchagavya grith, multani matti, gorallu matti, goumai powder, desi cow ghee, neem oil, aloevera.
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