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Amlamrut Amla candy

100% of 100 Amlamrut Amla candy
In stock
Best before 12months from the date of MFG.


This sweet & tasty Organic Amla Candy has been made from 100% organic ingredients. A fruit that is a natural health booster, Amla has numerous beneficial properties which are retained even in its processed forms. It is high in fiber and vitamins, which promotes healthier hair, glowing skin and enhanced eyesight. It is also a natural antioxidant, and has anti-aging and anti-stress properties. This rejuvenating fruit is now available in the form of a delicious sweet candy that also acts as a digestive aid. Children who do not like to eat Amla Murabba eat Amla candy happily. Amla contains many nutrients; it is abundant with Vitamin C and is beneficial for our body no matter in what form it is eaten. Eating Amla candy regularly will help to maintain good health. Ingredients :- Amla, sugar, citric acid.
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