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Amlamrut Masala candy

100% of 100 Amlamrut Masala candy
Special Price ₹130.00 Regular Price ₹130.00
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12months from date of MFG


The medicinal effective action of “INDIAN GOOSEBERRY” was known since the ancient Vedic age. “Amalaki” or Amla known as Indian goose berry is the most vital gift that god has embraced on this earth for us. It is also called as 'Dhatri'-a complete care taker. The Botanical name is Emblica officinalis and is mostly cultivated in South-Asia. This fruit is ripe in autumn season and is also cultivated in Indian subcontinent Due to its huge richness in vitamin C it is being used in ample of ways for solving various humane ailments. Ingredients :- Amla, sugar, citric acid, spices and condiments .Contains permitted class II preservative E224
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