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Ancient Living Calm Blended Oil 10ml

80% of 100 Ancient Living Calm Blended Oil 10ml
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Ancient Living Calm blend strikes balance and inspires, and harmonizes the mind and body. Individual Oil Benefits: Orange Oil, Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil, Lime Oil, Benzoin, Grape Fruit Oil   Orange Oil: 1.       Orange: refreshes and relaxes and feels you fresh. 2.       Orange oil is sunny and radiant oil, bringing happiness and warmth to the mind and helps people to relax and helps children to sleep at night. 3.       It can be used effectively on the immune system, as well as for colds and flu and to eliminate toxins from the body. 4.       Orange oil is capable of increasing sympathetic nervous activity and provides mental/psychological refreshment. 5.       Rose essential oil led to a significant decrease in autonomic nervous system activity (reduced pulse rate, decreased breathing rate) and led to changes in subjective mood, specifically, keeps you fresh.   Lemon Oil: 1.       Lemon Oil acts as a natural antidepressant and used to kill germs and leave a pleasant fresh smell behind. 2.       Lemon Oil is used to get the stink out and helps to fresh the air. 3.       Lemon oil can be used for colds, voice loss, flu, depression, stress, lack of energy and fatigue. It furthermore relieves irritation and also helps to improve concentration, lifts the spirits, clears the mind and helps in decision making. 4.       It can therefore be used as a room freshener in offices to increase the efficiency of the employees.   Lavender Oil: 1.       Lavender Oil Respiratory infections - Lavender can be used in a vaporizer to help kill germs and promote healing due to respiratory infections. 2.       Lavender oil diffusing, inhaling, and rubbing on the nasal passages and around the chest areas have provided relief for minor asthmatic symptoms and bronchial spasms for some. 3.       Lavender essential oil’s calming scent eases the nerves and feelings of anxiety.   Lime Oil: 1.       Lime oil can stimulate and refresh a tired mind and helps with depression. 2.       Lime Oil can relieve stress, exhaustion, and anxiety, or calm your mind. 3.       Lime essential oil can be used in aromatherapy, to remedy lethargy, and symptoms of depression. 4.       Lime’s refreshing yet not-too-sweet properties, when diffused, can assist with enhancing mental clarity and alertness and can promote feelings of emotional up-liftment, calm and harmony.    Benzoin Oil: 1.       In vaporization therapy Benzoin oil can be used for the nervous system, calming and bringing comfort to the depressed and emotionally exhausted. 2.       Benzoin oil is a relaxant, sedative and used to relieve anxiety, tension, nervousness and stress. 3.       In case of depression, it gives a feeling of uplifted mood and in case of anxiety and stress, it relaxes people 4.       Its scent fills the rooms with a nice aroma and drives away odor. 5.       Inhaling its unique scent can certainly have a positive impact on your emotional well-being.   Grape Fruit Oil: 1.       In vapor therapy grapefruit oil can be used for hangovers, headaches, over indulgence, mental exhaustion and depression. Grapefruit essential oil is considered especially beneficial due to its ability to ease tension from daily stress and aid nervous system equilibrium. INGREDIENTS: Orange Oil, Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil, Lime Oil, Benzoin, Grape Fruit Oil
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