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Ancient Living Natural Hair Protein pack 100gms

60% of 100 Ancient Living Natural Hair Protein pack 100gms
In stock
Mix required quantity with water or a cup of curd to make a paste. Curd gives natural protein to hair. Apply to the scalp and hair evenly. wait for an hour before washing.


Ayurvedic experts have long been using herbal pastes known as Shirolepana as part of their wholistic hair treatments. Regular use of herb pastes and oils enhances the strength and beauty of hair.Ancient Living Natural hair protein pack is a complete hair treatment lavishing you with nutrients for lush beautiful hair. This pack contains fortifying herbs that help add protein and shine. Methi and Soya are known to add strength, while Bhringraj prevents premature greying of hair. Brahmi is known for its regenerative properties. Amla is a rich source of Vit C and antioxidants promotes hair growth. Hibiscus contains naturally occurring flavanoids, imparts shine and thickens.Exotic blend of native Indian herbs for Healthy nourishment of hair WEIGHT - 100Gram/3.52 oz Product Ingredients - Methi ,Soya , Brahmi, Bhringraj , Amla, Neeli,Neem & Hibiscus To see more beauty product please click on "Ancient Living" under the title
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