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Arogya Rahasya Himalayan Rock salt Globe Lamp

60% of 100 Arogya Rahasya Himalayan Rock salt Globe Lamp
In stock


Sphere is considered the most perfect form.Our stunning, smooth Sphere Salt Lamp is hand carved from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It will transform any space and bring a soothing warmth, while gently purifying the air. It's also a beneficial element in Feng shui. They're a beautiful show piece or ideal on your bedside table in the bedroom. Each Rock Salt Lamp is cradled on a beautiful wooden base. Where to place your Rock Salt Lamp :- Allergy Sufferers – A salt lamp in the bedroom will help improve air quality and reduce airborne bacteria and irritants that can trigger Asthma and allergies. Child’s Bedroom – a perfect night light that will help them sleep and make them feel ‘safe and sound’. Salt lamps are completely safe. Lounge Room – place next to the TV or other electrical devices to clear the air  and reduce EMF (electro magnetic field) present in every home. Our Rock Salt Lamps also offer a pleasing| ambient glow that gives a feeling of peace and calm whilst contributing to your wellbeing.
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