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Arogya Rahasya Trifala churn 200gms

100% of 100 Arogya Rahasya Trifala churn 200gms
In stock
Dosage :- 1 teaspoon full twice daily (in winter with warm water other seasons normal water.


This churn is useful in indigestion, constipation, itching, anemia, blood problems, eye diseases. Triphala Churna is basically the powdered form of Triphala. Many people even recognize it as Triphala Churna powder. With all the beneficial qualities of Triphala, the it benefits in various health disorders, especially the ones related to the digestive system. It is also known as the caretaker of all internal organs of our body. Many people consume this Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss, as it is an efficient metabolic stimulator.
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