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Arogyarahasya Prana shakthi 15ml

80% of 100 Arogyarahasya Prana shakthi 15ml
In stock
Temperature of the ghee should be little more than body temperature. Warm the ghee by keeping the bottle in warm water. Never expose it to direct flame. Put 2 drops in each nostrils, preferably in night before sleeping. Avoid pillow and drinking water for first 15 minutes. If water can not be avoided, drink warm water. After putting the drops, simply rub the nose from outside so that the ghee is smeared on the inner walls.


Arogyarahasya Pranashakthi is the good for any diseases of brain, eyes and many diseases above collar bones, including nausea,sinus, ear drum, amnesia, migraine etc can be cured using this.
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