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"Grenera Organic Wheatgrass Powder 100 grams"

100% of 100 "Grenera Organic Wheatgrass Powder 100 grams"
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"Add to fruit juice, smoothies, soups, dips, salad dressing, stir fries, pasta sauces or see below for our recipes ideas. We like 10­15 grams per 200 ml serving . Mix with water or juice for a pure shot of concentrated plant goodness, or blend with fresh green vegetables for a healthy detox smoothie."


"One of nature's most prized plants, our wheatgrass is harvested when nutrient levels reach their peak to produce a sweet green powder bursting with chlorophyll and vitamins. Our wheatgrass is grown organically outdoors, where the combination of natural sunlight and rich fertile soil promote the assimilation of nutrients in the developing shoots, so they are packed with vitamins and chlorophyll by the time they are cut and dried into a vibrant green powder. A single serving contains more than a third of your recommended intake of iron which contributes to normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin which transport oxygen around the body. Healthy skin - Our wheatgrass powder is high in Vitamin A, antioxidants and is a good source of essential fatty acids. Strengthens the immune system. Vitamin A in our wheatgrass powder is an important nutrient for the immune system. Weight loss - Grenera Wheatgrass powder helps control weight by reducing the feeling of hunger and increasing fullness. Boosts energy - Our wheatgrass powder is densely packed with vitamins, including energy­metabolising manganese to support energy levels in the body. High in fiber - The high fiber content of our Wheatgrass powder means it is a great addition to green juices, which would otherwise lack fiber. Enjoy as a part of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet."
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