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Prakruthi vanam traditional shampoo 200ml

90% of 100 Prakruthi vanam traditional shampoo 200ml
In stock


It is quite natural shampoo. The look of it from a bottle standpoint does not look great…but it is like do not judge the quality of a book by its cover…same applies here… The company is small and run by a small size set of folks, so they did not really focus on the aesthetics of the bottle.  The quality of the shampoo is quite good. It does not have any of the fancy ingredients that make up the normal shampoos that give too much froth and color of white…that’s all the detergent in normal shampoos…This shampoo is quite natural and does not give too much froth, it feels like having head bath with the natural shikakai and other nuts that are used for head bath.
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