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True elements Green Tea with Tulsi 100gm

80% of 100 True elements Green Tea with Tulsi 100gm
In stock
HOW TO USE: Tulsi Green Tea can be brewed like any other tea & can be a replacement for your coffee or tea.


Rich source of antioxidants. › Acts as a decongestant. › Powerful adaptogen › Contains essential nutrients of Tulsi. › Reduces stress. FEATURES: Rich source of antioxidants. 50% less caffeine. Acts as a decongestant. Anti-viral properties. Contains essential nutrients of Tulsi. BENEFITS OF TULSI GREEN TEA: Reduces stress: This brew soothes your nervous system, helps you relax, reduce cortisol hormones, reducing stress and maintaining mental health. It uplifts your mood. Enhances stamina: It keeps you going and boosts your stamina. Boost metabolism: Healthy brew promotes metabolism. Beneficial for diabetic patients: It helps regulate blood sugar levels. Aids in weight loss: Both Tulsi and Green tea have properties that boost your metabolism which is vital for healthy weight management. It also aids in burning fat. Heart healthy: May help in the widening of arteries, thus reduces blood pressure. It also helps maintain the balance of good and bad cholesterol. Enhances immunity: Various antioxidants protect your body from harmful free radicals, thus boosting immunity. Acts as detox: This tea contains properties that help remove the toxicity from the body and support a healthy liver. Maintains kidney health: Certain properties are useful for dissolving kidney stones, thus enhancing kidney health. Decongestant: Anti- viral agents keep your body away from viruses that cause congestion. It also helps relieve a sore throat and certain other viral infections. Maintains oral health and hygiene: anti-bacterial properties combats harmful bacteria that causes tooth decays, prevents bad breath, helps combat certain dental conditions and helps maintain health and hygiene of mouth. Anti- Jet lag: It can help you avoid the anti-jet lag. Combats aging: It helps prevent age-related problems.
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