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True elements Roasted Darjeeling Tea 100gm

80% of 100 True elements Roasted Darjeeling Tea 100gm
In stock
HOW TO USE: Add a tsp of tea into the glass and pour some hot water into it. Keep it as such for 5 minutes. Sir if needed. Strain after 5 minutes. And enjoy jour Roasted Darjeeling tea. The addition of milk is not required.


› Contains antioxidants. › Useful for oral and bone wellbeing. › Keeping up digestive tracts working. › Reduce cell harm, averting tumor. › Diminishes depression. True Elements Roasted Darjeeling Black Tea is a fine summer tea of Darjeeling that has bold flavors that set it apart for a fine quality tea. With the right consistency and incredible taste, it is a lovely blend. Its fragrance is bold yet manages to uphold its subtle taste. It is rich in flavor, delightful to the taste bud, and mixes up pleasant feeling with health, livening you straight up for the day. True Elements Roasted Darjeeling Black Tea is a magnificent tea and an extraordinary approach to begin the day. FEATURES: High in antioxidants. No harmful chemicals. Low calories. Might help in boosting your immune system. BENEFITS OF ROASTED DARJEELING TEA: The presence of an antioxidant component, thus preventing cellular damage due to free radicals and also helps prevent cancer. The beneficial effect on the heart, arteries, helps in lowering blood cholesterol level. Maintains Dental Health as it might reduce the dental cavity formation. May help in increasing bone density. The possibility of preventing gastric ulcer. Promotes Weight Loss. INGREDIENTS: Black Tea Leaves.
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