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True elements Spearmint Green Tea 100gm

80% of 100 True elements Spearmint Green Tea 100gm
In stock
Spearmint green tea can be brewed in pure water, just like any other tea.


Good for skin › Provides proteins and calories › Relieves a headache, stress › Aids in digestion and soothes digestive disorders › Relieves symptoms of asthma and sinusitis The least pungent and subtle amongst the mint family, Spearmint has a very old place in human life. Also known by its botanical name –Mentha spicata, it was treasured by ancient Greeks for its medicinal values. It is valued in Ayurveda for its unique ability to relieve nausea and respiratory problems. True Elements Spearmint Green Tea is made from the Ceylon green tea leaves with an infusion of Himachal’s spearmint leaves. This special tea is endowed with balance and invigorating feel of Green Tea and cleansing properties of this leaves. It has more refreshing aroma and flavor compared to other green tea. FEATURES: Loaded with antioxidants. Antiemetic properties. Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. BENEFITS OF SPEARMINT GREEN TEA: Improves digestive problems: Ayurveda acknowledges spearmint as antiemetic and is acknowledged for alleviating nausea and is a remedy for pregnancy vomiting. Relieves stress: It has a soothing effect and calms chronic stress and anxiety. It eliminates the effect of stress hormone. Detoxifies and Aids in weight loss: Antioxidants prove as a detox to the body. It suppresses appetite, reduces intake of calories and also relieves pain, thus improving your workout performance. Reduce Skin Allergies: Clears acne and prevents clogging of pores. Protects your brain in old age: The bioactive compounds have a positive effect on neurons can help prevent cognitive neurodegenerative diseases. Help you live longer: It lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases and helps you love longer.
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